Why Scudo Drivers


Our Idea...

"The Unknown Driver" is a concern of the past. Scudo Drivers is a business owned and operated by current Arizona Law Enforcement. 

The Scudo Drivers background check was initiated years ago when our employees applied for their careers in Law Enforcement. Applicant pools of hundreds were whittled down to one or two. From those few individuals who were able to pass the academy, which includes multi-tasking, extraordinary driver training and inter-personal skills, Scudo Drivers has selected the finest drivers for our company.


Our Presentation...

The benefits of our business are immeasurable, however they amount to everything. 

We have chosen to emphasize the details to ensure your experience is superb! For one, we provide a subtle nod to our lineage of Law Enforcement in our uniforms. While still maintaining a superior classy look in the black pants and shoes, we have chosen blue shirts and strict grooming guidelines to give notice that we are different than other companies. Our uniform will allow our clients to easily identify our service and quickly be en route to their destination!


"Don't be the same. BE BETTER!"

These six words guide our company. In the transportation industry it is easy to become just another Executive Transport Service. Scudo Drivers refuses to settle for second place. We will strive to reinvent the industry standard in client relations and in the  capabilities of its operators. 

Scudo Drivers will provide an amazing experience for a night on the town, a journey to the airport or other adventurous daily excursions.